• June 2014

    Just Jay Launches his New website about the Productions.

    A website about the Artist Johnny Ramos is under construction.

  • January 2014

    Just Jay and Chelsy Shantel in Luanda Angola working on her new album.


  • 2013

    Finally some new material of Capeverdean Zouk/R&B artist Johnny Ramos " Nha Primeiro Amor" which means "My first Love". It is the first single from the upcoming album "The Music made me do It" to be released in 2014.


    The song was produced by Richy George from the Jockey Boys and co-produced by Johnny (Just Jay) Ramos him self.


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  • Just Jay a.k.a Johnny Ramos
    Just Jay a.k.a Johnny Ramos
  • Just Jay a.k.a Johnny Ramos
    Just Jay a.k.a Johnny Ramos

Just Jay Productions
The production division of the company is led by the singer,songwriter and producer Johnny Ramos a.k.a. Just Jay.
The  Zouk/R&B producer Just Jay has been responsible  for many hits in the PALOPS  ( portuguese african speaking countries). For many years Just Jay has teamed up with other producers to create some memorable hits and al time classics.

Inspired by his long time friend and colleague in ” The Right Track“  Mario Gonçalves ( M1)  who always had the latest technology when it comes to studio equipment and computers, Just Jay bought his first  drum machine back in the late eighties, it was on a  Yamaha RX8 that Just Jay started to create  his beats and writing his own songs,  it didn’t take long before he started to work with the sequencer application Cubase on  the Atari ST, this personal computer was very popular  amongst producers and in music studios at the time.

And again a few years later he  traded his Atari ST  for a G3 Power PC and Cubase for Logic 5.0, and has been working with  Mac and Logic ever since.

Although Just Jay started with creating beats and songs for the R&B genre his first production work that was released was for a Rotterdam based Cape verdean Rap group called “The Real Vibe” on their debut album Just Jay was responsible for the programming and production of several tracks.

At the same he joined forces with producer/guitarist  Sebastiao dos Santos on a track  for Cape verdean female vocalist ” Milena Tavares” . The track was  entitled ” Ilusao”  which was also the first appearance for Just Jay’s alter ego Johnny Ramos. The duet with Milena became an instant hit.

Just Jay and Sebastiao decided to continue to work together and started the project ” Mobass presents“which brought forth the hits ” Dam mas um chance” -Johnny Ramos & Milena , ” Perdao”- Grace Evora and ” Hoje em dia”- Quatro.

At the same time Johnny had also joined the band ” Splash” , being used to work with sequencers, drum machines and such,during his time spend with the band he learned a lot about making music with real instruments. This contributed to his producer skills and helped him develop a better understanding of the different ways in creating music.

While Just Jay  was getting more and more envolved in  the Zouk/Kizomba genre, he continued to pursue his dream of becoming successfull with his  R&B songs. This ultimately led  to a contract with an Holland based independent label na ” Violent Records“  better known for their  dance acts ” Vengaboys” and ” Alice Deejay”. Here Just Jay  really learned the craft of producing in order  to make it sound like a proffessional record, and here a new partnership started with his nephew Nelson Freitas. While Just Jay upgraded his producing skills Nelson went from being a songwriter to programming beats.

After 3 years of working intensively with all kinds of cutting edge equipment at their disposal, unfortunately nothing came out of the deal with the company and both parties decided to separate.

Just Jay and Nelson however decided not only to continue their partnership but to add 2 more to the team: Miss Jane records was born and so was The whole 9 Productions, the production company linked directly to the notorious recordlabel.

From this fruitful collaboration came successes such as ” Largal”, Bo amor ta completam” from Johnny Ramos’s hit album ” So Jota” and your’e beatifull and Bo é nha melodia from Nelson Freitas’s  debut solo hit album  ” Magic”, and many more. In the years that Just jay was active for the whole 9 productions he also started to do work with  another talented producer “Toetstar” a.k.a Adilson from Quatro plus. And with these producers the new wave of zouk was born namely: Ghetto Zouk, Which is the dominating style now throughout the PALOPS.But as they say all things come to an end and so did this collabo, more recently Just Jay has been working solo.

Just Jay on working solo: ” Is  is nice to work with other producers because you always learn a bit from working with other people and you can inspire each other  but I’ve noticed that I wasn’t developing myself as much as I wanted to, so it’s very refreshing, liberating and at the same time frightening  to be depending just on my own creativity to produce  a song. But at least now I’m growing again, and I promise you, the world has just seen the tip of the iceberg of what I have to offer “